The leader in compost and palm oil industry

A successful company doesn’t just happen. Success requires nurturing, year to year, to assure that customer expectations are not only meet, but also are exceeded.

PT Kwarsindo Langgeng Makmur is a company that supplies the turner machine “BACKHUS" which is a special machine for composting and waste treatment. Our company has been working together with BACKHUS specifically handling industrial waste.

With a professional team, we work with streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time.

With more than twelve years experience and more than fifty BACKHUS machines around Indonesian and with the principle of trust along, with solid business trust and values which we have always maintained, PT Kwarsindo Langgeng Makmur has finally become the leader in compost and palm oil industri and become an official company supplying machines from Germany to handle industrial waste problems in Indonesia.